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    Our Authors

    Here’s a list of all of our authors.

    Steve (@NFTBark on Twitter) is one of the founders of the dGEN Network. While he dabbles in Crypto, his real love lies in the NFT world. Steve is always looking for longterm value in the NFT space, but he's certainly not going to turn down a quick-turn flip if the price is right. On a personal note, Steve is a Marketing professional and self-described incurable optimist who believes life isn’t about what happens to you, it’s how you respond.47 Articles

    I'm Drew, a 30 year old product manager working in tech at a healthcare market research firm. I'm also the Community Manager for Dogs Unchained, and a Community Rep for AlphaBettyDoodles. When I'm not working I'm either watching the Celtics, engaging with my discord communities or out in Boston trying out new restaurants. Twitter: @drucritt37 Articles

    Investor, crypto nerd, and designer writing about modern finance, investing, and NFTs for creators and solo capitalists. Not financial advice, DYOR.18 Articles

    hello, i will be talking about decentralized monetary experiments here. I enjoy growing food and playing with my cat.18 Articles

    Howdy. A degen over here once well versed in your typical gambling vices I now focus on analytics in the NFT space. I have too many Dynasty Fantasy Football teams and ape into every new project. When not in the Metaverse I am hanging with my family or snapping wedges over my knee Patrick Reed style. Want to reach out? DM me on Twitter or Discord13 Articles

    Hello, I'm Ryan Madsen, I am one of the founders of The Decentralized Generation Network dGen. A community network for NFTs and cryptocurrencies. NBATopShot was my gateway into the metaverse world. Since NBATopShot I have found many NFT projects where I've become a collector and member. I am able to help new and unseen artist through a section of the that I've put together called "IN SPOTLIGHT". This section allows me to stay current in art and NFTs. Two of my biggest passions.13 Articles

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.7 Articles

    Crpyto Guy (Circa 2017), Sales Pro, NFT noob, Dad and Husband...not in that order. Here to probably buying your bags.6 Articles

    Degen score of over 500🦍 |Cesar level ape🦧 | NFT Connoisseur 🖼6 Articles

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